October 2020 Newsletter

The Coral Reef Alliance is a non-profit organization that has the goal of saving the World's coral reefs from climate change. The Coral Reef Alliance is studying the World's coral reefs so it can observe how they adapt to climate change and using the information so coral reefs can thrive for generations to come. OC share our profits with ocean conservation charities, and the Coral Reef Alliance is one of them.

The Coral Reef Alliance currently holds a Gold Seal Of Approval from Guidestar and a 3 out of 4 star rating from charity navigator.

Why care about coral reefs?
  • A quarter of all marine life relies on coral reefs to survive. 
  • Coral reefs protect coastlines from wave action, erosion and tropical storms
  • The Tourism and fishing that coral reefs bring has an estimated worth of around £290 Billion! That's enough money to buy 52.7 Million solar panels. That's half the solar panels that would be needed to power the entire UK!

What are they doing now?

Currently working a lot in Hawaii, home to 85% of the United States coral reefs. Currently has the goal of raising $11 million for the annual wastewater forum to protect the coral reefs there.

The Coral Reef Alliance is also working in the Meso-America region, which is the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. The coral reef alliance has been working in this region for over a decade. Their goal is to incorporate over 35% of this into an adaptive reefscape, a network of healthy reefs that can adapt to climate change.