May 2021 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Wishing you all a happy May – I can’t believe that it is May already! We hope you are well and enjoying the greater freedom that we are able to have – even if the weather has put a dampener on outdoor activities. 

OC want to make a difference and we know you do too.  We don’t want our clothing to negatively impact the environment, in fact it needs to make a positive impact, and every choice we make regarding our fabrics, our colours, our styles, our packaging, and our suppliers all takes a lot of consideration to ensure we’re making the best choices possible.

The materials we choose to use provide you with the quality and performance you expect from a premium brand, but also make a big difference to our planet; Reducing the consumption of water by 56%, C02 by 73% and Oil by 76%.  This is the difference compared to using virgin and/or non-organic materials. 

In addition to this, OC share a percentage of our profits with Ocean Conservation charities. One of the things our charity partners have been focusing on is helping create adaptive Coral Reefs.  Coral Reefs have been massively impacted by Climate Change (amongst many things) and they are an important ecosystem that our planet depends on, so it is important to protect them.   You are helping this effort, so THANK YOU!

Climate Change is one of our biggest threats; Supporting OC and our charities shows your awareness and the importance of choosing the right companies to associate with.  Your support means everything.

We have some exciting news… NEW COLOURS whoop whoop.   Navy and Dusky Blue Leggings are now available, so check them out! 

We will be working on a giveaway in the next few weeks, so please follow us on Instagram @ocgear for a chance of winning some awesome gym wear.

To finish, as always, we want to thank all of the keyworkers that have been working so hard during this terrible time, so please reach out to us via Instagram to get your discount code and offers as our way of saying thank you.

Talk to you all next month,

Love Team OC x