About OC

Who are we

Inspired by a conversation with my family about our consumption of single use plastic, we decided to do something about it, and OC was born.  After researching the facts, we realised just the sheer volume of plastic polluting our oceans, and the devastating affect this has on marine life. How could we make a difference?  

Our solution? To produce clothing that is made from sustainable and recycled plastic; and to support charities that are helping regenerate our oceans by educating people about single-use plastic, and to conserve our coral reefs. 50% of our profits are donated to our charity partners.

OC is a social enterprise looking for people to join our cause. Together, we make a difference


What we stand for

When you purchase OC products, you are joining a cause.  You will be standing with OC in supporting our charity partners to make a positive impact in the clean up of plastic on our global beaches.  We will also be helping in the education in the use , disposal and recycling of plastic within the regions that contribute the most waste.  We want to tackle the root cause.  50% of our profits will be donated to these causes. 

Our Clothing

We will supply and use organic, fair wear and recycled materials in our designs. Our clothing Is designed for all.  We are a small company, but we will grow with you, and tailor our designs to our customer's needs. Get behind the cause . 


Here is a short video that explains all.....